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Anticipating Behaviour in Supervisory Vehicle Control
Application of the Virtual Crack Closure Technique to Calculate Stress Intensity
Factors for Through Cracks With an Oblique Elliptical Crack Front

Aviation Safety
Imperfections Measurements of a Perfect Shell With Specifically Designed Equipment (UNIVIMP)
Initial Buckling of Flat and Curved Fiber Metal Laminate Panels
New Method of Impregnating PEI Sheets for the In-Situ Foaming of Sandwiches
Optimum Cruise Performance of Subsonic Transport Aircraft
Pilot's Perception and Control of Aircraft Motions
Preliminary Evaluation of the B2000 Nonlinear Shell Element Q8N.SM
Residual Thermal Stress Around Bonded Fibre Metal Laminate Repair Patches on an Aircraft Fuselage
Robust Multivariable Control of Aerospace Systems
Rotocraft Responses to Atmospheric Turbulence