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Abhinava:Perspectives on Abhinavagupta

Alva Myrdal In International Affairs

Angel Among Men: Impressions from the Life of Rav Avraham Yitzchak Hakohen Kook zt"l
Anthology of Bulgarian Folk Musicians, 3rd Edition
Awkward Warrior

Beshkov & Altmaier:
Fragments of a Friendship 1934-1955

Borneo & Beyond

Case of Nikolai Bukharin

Domenico Bollani, Bishop of Brescia

Dovring Saga

Dr. Johnson's Printer
Étienne Dolet, the Martyr of the Renaissance, 1508-1546

Field Guide to Little Known Genetically Engineered Organisms
(Including Revisionary Interpretations about Their Impact on World History)

From Poor Migrant to Millionaire

Great Democrats

Great Women of the World, 2 volumes

Johannes Gutenberg
John Atanasoff: The Father of the Computer
Leonhard Culmann: A literary Biography and an Edition of five Plays,
as a Contribution to the Study of Drama in the Age of the Reformation

Life of Bertrand Russell in Pictures & In His Own Words
Life of John Wheatley
Life of St Philaretos the Merciful Written By His Grandson Niketas
Mahathir: The Secret of the Malaysian Success

Man Triumphant: The Divided Life of David Edstrom

Mémoires Entomologiques:
Paramémoires d'un timarchophile (French)

Memories of a Giant: Eulogies in Memory of Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchik
My Story
Nikolaus von Amsdorf, 1483-1565

Peter Martyr, A Reformer in Exile, 1542-1562

Prehistoric Enviornment of Fornsigtuna

Putney Plot?
Rabbi Haim David Halevy: Gentle Scholar & Courageous Thinker

Rabbi Shlomo Goren: Torah Sage and General

Ramism, Rhetoric & Reform

Rebel With a Just Cause, Vol. 2
Remarkable Story of Alfred Nobel & the Nobel Prize, 2nd Edition
Reminiscences: Recollections of Sarawak Administrative Service Officers

Richard Mulcaster (c. 1513-1611) and Educational Reform in the Renaissance

Science with a Human Face

Seekers: A Twentieth Century Life

Stolen Youth

Thomas Basson, 1555-1613
To Play With Fire
Tock Tock Birds: A Spider in the Web of International Terrorism
T.R.V. Murti, Builders of Indian Philosophy Series

Tunku: His Life and Times

Up & Down Stream

Wilhem Filderman