Cultures in Dialogue

A Translational Perspective


Edited By Said Faiq
March 2010
Distributed by
ISBN: 9789044125061
146 pages
$46.50 Paper original

Translation in intercultural communication par excellence. As such, it assumes a considerable role in the encounters between different cultures and their respective languages. This important role of translation stems from the fact that translating involves the carrying-over of specific socio-cultural input to and recuperated by specific target reading cultures, which have at their disposal an established system of representation with its won norms for text production and consumption of meanings vis-a-vis self, other, objects and events.

This system ubtimately evolves into a master discourse of translation through which identity, similarity and difference are identified, negotiated, accepted and/or resisted. Translational encounters take place at both the intra and inter cultural levels. The chapters in this volume address these issues from different cultural angles of vision (Americas, Nothern Ireland, Hong Kong, India, and the Arab/Muslim World.)

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