3rd International Sakharov
Conference on Physics, 2 volumes
Proceedings, Moscow, Russia, June 24-29, 2002

Edited By A. Semikhatov, et al.
December 2003
Scientific World
ISBN: 5-89176-215-3
1,735 pages, Illustrated, 6" x 9"
$295.00 Hardcover

Partial Contents:
Extreme State of Matter: Fusion research. Intense shock waves. Helical plasmas & fusion research. Laser fusion. New forms of high energy density matter. Corpuscular approach to turbulent flow simulation. Ultrahigh intensity lasers. Fluid hydrogen. Motion of a shock wave. Tokamak & Stellarator ways to fusion. ITER. Superdense state of metals.

Neutrinos from collapsing galactic nuclei. Thin transonic disk. Light curves of thermonuclear supernovae. Relativistic electromagnetic subycle soliton. Mas-to-light ratios in early galaxies & dark matter. Numerical simulation of large-scale convection in Type II Supernovae Explosion. Stationary models of relativistic magnetohydrodynamic jets. Nonlinear dynamics of gravitating dark matter and baryonic matter. Accretion of a magnetized star. Crab Nebula interpretation from Chandra. Thomas-Fermi Equation with magnetic field. Cosmological gamma ray bursts. 3-D MHD simulations. Blandford-Znajek mechanism. Mechanics of young planetary systems. Sakharov oscillations. Young compact objects in the solar vicinity. Models for Quintessence. Weak microlensing. Distortions in the cosmic microwave radiation. Linear polarization of the microwave sky. Visible light from accreting black holes. Accretion disks-gravitational power stations. Pycnonuclear buring. Rotational black hole metric. Perturbations in plasma clouds. Black hole growth in the center of a dark matter halo.

High-Energy Physics: Fermion field. Direct CP violations at CERN. QCD & high-energy jets. Physics of the Internet-Chaos control. Heavy quark production. Constituent quarks in nucleus-nucleus collisions. Gluon jets. Photon colliders. QCD at low energies. Au+Au collisions at RHIC. Holography & two phases of the QCD vacuum. Finite-temperature Bose-Einstein correlations. Dilepton decays. Jet quenching studies in heavy ion collisions. Phase evolution of nuclear matter. CP violation theory. Nonperturbative QCD. Eta-Mesic nuclei. Wavelet analysis.

External Fields in Quantum Theory. New photon propagators. Mass shift method. Restricted-path integral theory. Unruh quantization in calculating the Casimir energy at zero and finite temperature. Quivalent sets of solutions of the Dirac Equation with a constant electric field. Ionization & electromagnetic fields. Two-loop Self-Dual QED. Black Hole approach to the singular problem of quantum mechanics. Temperature-induced phase transitions. Nonperturbative aspect of N-Fold supersymmetry. Electron in the external field of a resonant Redmond config.

Quantum Field Theory:
Conserved charges in gravitational theories. Supersymmetric low-energy effective action. Spinorial cohomology. Noncommutative quantum field theory. New method in finite-temperature theories in gauge & gravitational backgrounds. Hodge-Type cohomological gauge theory. Hamiltonian formulation of theories with generative coordinates. Yang-Mills Theory. Fixed points in gauge theory in extra dimensions. Doubly special relativity. Extended BRST quantization in general coordinates. Modified relativistic symmetries. Quantum corrections to the mass & central charge. Magnetic curvature of quantum phase space. Landau level projection. Universal quantization formula. Universal invariant normalization. Euclidean formulation of indefinite metric QFT. Extention of the Borchers classes of quantum fields. Global conformal invariance. Quantum nonlocality. Massive spin-2 supermultiplets. Self-dual electrodynamics.

Superstrings & Dualities: Cubic SUSY interactions of higher-spin gauge fields. Recent progress in superstring field theory. Dynamical supergravity with super-p-brane sources. Moyal star formation of string field theory. (Non)Abelian gauged supergravities. Supersymmetry, Euler multiplets & M-theory. Infinite genus limit of geodesic algebras. Large-N dualities from wrapped D-branes. String/gauge correspondence. Off-shelf boundary/crosscap states. Matrix models. Simple Lie superalgebra. Superfield formulation of N=4 super Yang-Mills Theory in plane wave background. Holography, time & quantum mechanics. Tensorial momentum. Geometry of higher-spin gauge fields. BPS walls & junctions. D-brane dynamics. Conformal higher-spin symmetry. AdS superspaces. Quantization of superstrings. On the quantum matrix string. Supermembrane to M(atrix) theory. Wilson loops.

Brane World & Quantum Gravity:
Cosmological constant in the 6-D Brane-Bolt World. Physics with large extra dimensions. Black holes and Big Bang. Phase transitions, massive gravitons. Black holes, branes & cosmologies. Thorny spheres & stringy holes. Fermions in invariant geometrodynamics. Gravity, hyperbolic billiards, & Lorentzian Kac-Moddy algebras. Black holes with loop corrections in heterotic string theory. Gravitational-wave oscillations in the Randall-Sundrum Model. One-loop correction to the Newton law. Drak Energy May Probe String Theory. Entropy bounds in spherical space. Diriclet & Neumann problems. End of black hole uniqueness. Diluting cosmological contstant. Black hole production via quantum tunneling. Singularities in anisotropic string cosmology. Hawking radiation & the information paradox.


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