Excavations at Helgo XVII
Workshop Part III

By Lena Grandin, et al.
June 2008
Royal Swedish Academy of Letters
ISBN: 9789174023701
275 pages. Illustrated. 8 1/2 x 11 3/4"
$92.50 Paper Original


1. A New Survey of Helgo

2. Non-Ferrous Metal Objects & Scrap: The Archaeological Context

3. Analyses of Copper & Copper Alloys

4. Iron Smithing at Helgo: Analyses of the Slag

5. An Introduction to the Lithic Material from Helgo with Special Emphasis on the Stone Artefacts from Building Group 3

6. The Stones from Helgo: An Evolution of the SHM Database

7. Fire & Function - Ironage Flint Working at Helgo

8. Geological Analyses of Selected Stone Artefacts

9. Metallurgical Clay Packages

10. Crucibles & Cupels from Building Group 3

11. A Technological Study of Crucibles from Helgo & Backby

12. The Metal Workshop at Backby, Vasteras, Vastmanland - A Helgo in Miniature

13. The Slag From Backby


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