Activities in Space: Appropriation or Use?

By Katrin Nyman Metcalf
September 2000
Iustus Förlag
ISBN: 91-7678-423-1
416 pages
$130.00 cloth

This doctoral thesis reviews the laws regarding the appropriation of outer space. International law calls for free use and exploration. But there are many questions regarding activities in space or on celestial bodies, and this comprehensive look at the laws and interpretations serves as an excellence reference work. Discussions include: history of the space age; international law and space; concept of sovereignty; major space law instruments; appropriation of the moon; geo-stationary orbits; space colonies; private enterprises; European cooperation; telecommunications; content of space law; future in space; and bibliography. The author works for the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Outer space; international law
Skrifter Från Juridiska Fakulteten I Uppsala 75

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