Air Power of the Kingdom
of Bulgaria, 4 Vol. Set

[English & Bulgarian]

By Dimitar Nedialkov
Translated from Bulgarian by Peter Skipp
December 2002
ISBN: 954-9669-79-3
240 pages, Illustrated, 11 x 8 1/2"
$151.50 paper original, 4 Vol. Set

Bulgarian striving to conquer the skies conquer the skies coincided with patriotic ideals of uniting the Fatherland. This was one of the reasons behind the rapid emergence of armed structures which may reasonably be regarded as components of air power.

They allowed the attainment of military and political tasks and released a measure of air potential. The circumstances and spirit of the time provoked events of which Bulgars may be proud, and which ranked Bulgaria among the then-leading air powers.

Aviation History

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