Akeydat Yitzchak, 3rd edition, 2 volumes
Commentary of Rabbi Yitzchak Arama on the Torah

By Yitzchak Arama
T ranslated & condensed from the Hebrew by Eliyahu Munk
December 2001
Urim Publications
ISBN: 9657108306
941 Pages, 6 x 9 5/8"
$67.50 hardcover set

The commentary in this set covers the major philosophical problems, the relationship between the Torah and man-made philosophy, the conflict between faith & reason, man's free will, and God's knowledge of the future. Rabbi Arama makes the important point that the Torah takes precedence when in conflict with human reasoning. Reviews for Mr Munk's translation include: Jerusalem Post-"Munk accomplished the daunting task of translating a powerful commentary into English. The text is clearly written and laid out religious philosophy at its most readable." Canadian Jewish News-"An amazing range of topics and a useful index of subject matter." London's Jewish Tribune-"Munk is to be congratulated on bringing this great work to the attention of the wider English-speaking public. We are greatly indebted to him for a truly tremendous effort."


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