Amphibians of the Former Soviet Union

By S. L. Kuzmin
September 1999
ISBN: 954642045X
538 pages, illustrated
$149.00 hardcover

A fundamental review on all 41 species or 47 subspecies of Amphibia encountered in the territory of the former Soviet Union (FSU). The bulk of these taxa and their habitats are richly illustrated by numerous colour pictures, with only one species and two subspecies remaining depicted in black-and-white as too poorly-known. All distributions are grid-mapped (50x50 km), with simple conoid projection maps being preferred over UTM as better applicable to and more commonly used in the latitudinally extended FSU. Each species or subspecies is supplied with a list of synonyms and a detailed description of the morphology and, partly, karyology as well as of the current geographical range and its limits. Taxonomy of each species occurring in the FSU as well as their subspecific structure and/or geographical variability if any are discussed.

Detailed data are presented on their ecology and biology, including habitats, abundance, thermobiology, activity cycles, reproduction, ontogeny, feeding, enemies and parasites, the impact of anthropogenic factors, conservation, etc. A historical overview of amphibian research in the FSU territory is given. Trophic spectra for each species are given in tabular form. New species listings are compiled for every nature reserve and all red data books of all former Soviet republics. Keys are given to eggs (so far as known), the larvae and the adults of all FSU amphibians. A most comprehensive bibliography concerning FSU amphibians is provided (about 900 references). An indispensable treatise for anyone interested in amphibians!

Pensoft series Faunistica, No. 12

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