Antiquity & Humanity
Essays on Ancient Religion and Philosophy
Presented to Hans Dieter Betz on His 70th Birthday

Edited by Adela Yarbro Collins & Margaret M. Mitchell
July 2001
J. C. B. Mohr
ISBN: 3-16-147585-2
561 pages
$275.00 hardcover

This volume pays tribute to the remarkable scholarship of Hans Dieter Betz, who has combined amazing range with consistency of vision, making significant contributions in the field of New Testament, classics, church history, theology, and history of religions. Essays include: Spells Pleasing to God. Jesus' Action in Herod's Temple. Live Unnoticed: An Epicurean Maxim and the Social Dimension of Col 3:3-4. Theological Interpretation of the New Testament and the History of Religions. Reading Rhetoric with Patristic Exegetes. Philological Observations Concerning Nietzsche's Early Construction of the History of Ancient Religions. The Gods In Transit: Narratives of Cult Transfer.


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