Atomic Defects & Crystal
Structure of Minerals, 2nd Edition

By O.V. Frank-Kamenetskaya & I.V. Rozhdestvenskaya
Translated from the Russian by R.V. Fursenko
November 2004
Yanus Publishers
ISBN: 5927600417
187 pages, Illustrated, 6" x 8 "
$125.00 Hardcover

The propositions of crystal-chemistry of real crystal structures with atomic defects (solid solutions, mixed crystals, compounds of non-stoichiometric and variable composition) are generalized and developed in the book with reference to minerals. Their basic classification, suggesting polymorphism of real crystals, is developed on the basis of symmetry, primarily, translation.

Regular features of composite and modular crystallography, nomenclature, ordering, relations with crystal growths are analyzed. Peculiar features of diffraction techniques are described. Original crystal-chemical generalizations of various series of solid solutions (silicates, fluorides, sulfides, oxides) are presented and used to exemplify the characteristic features of main recognized types of real structures: chemical deformations, clustering, appearance of superperiods and irregular mixed layering.

The book is destined for a wide circle of specialists in the field of sciences of the earth, as well as physicists, chemists, and merely inquisitive persons who are interested in the real crystal structure of substance; it may be proposed to students and post-graduate students.

Crystal Chemistry, Vol. 33

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