Acid-Base Disorders

By R.N. Walmsley et al.
November 1989
Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971-69-140-X
228 pages
$31.50 paper original

This book provides an integrated approach to the management of acid-bas disorders covering the biochemical, analytical and clinical aspects. Patients with acid-base disturbances often present as medical emergencies, yet many clinicians faced with them lack sufficient understanding and expertise to confidently execute the correct timely decisions. This clearly written, concise text gives a comprehensive coverage of the subject, supported by a wealth of information including underlying basic scientific principles and appropriate medical diagnoses and treatment. The authors have used a practical clinical approach to the problems throughout, emphasizing points of relevance and interest with illustrative case examples.

The book should appeal to clinicians, emergency room staff, biochemists, laboratory technologists, medical and science students.


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