Acute Glaucoma
Acute Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma,
Major Global Blinding Problem

By Arthur Lim
June 2002
PG Lim / Singapore University Press
92 pages, illustrated[cover]
$32.50 paperback, ISBN: 981-04-5948-3
$52.50 hardcover, ISBN: 981-04-5617-4

Acute primary closed angle glaucoma is a dangerous eye disease on the increase. It can blind a patient rapidly. Yet blindness from acute glaucoma is preventable early on. With the help of nurses, healthcare workers, general practitioners, specialists and eye surgeons, blindness from glaucoma can be prevented. Of the 60 million current sufferers of glaucoma, 6 million are blind-half were blinded by closed angle glaucoma, of which half were blinded by acute glaucoma. These figures will only increase as the world population ages. We must act now.

Includes color and black & white illustrations.


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