Advances in Amphibian Research
in the Former Soviet Union, Vol. 3

Edited by Sergius L. Kuzmin, et al
June 1999
Stockholmia Forlag, Sweden
ISBN: 9546420468
245 pages, illustrated
$86.50 paper original

Studies in amphibians, started long ago in the Russian Empire and especially strongly developed in the former Soviet Union (FSU), are now being continued. Without any political background whatever, a new periodical is launched, aimed at covering all aspects of batrachology concerning the territory of the FSU, but this time published solely in English so as to make information readily available to any reader. Only entirely original papers are accepted, with the following main topics involved: reviews; methods of studies; recommendations on conservation and sustainable use; information on meetings, societies, new books; systematics; distribution (including new records, maps, and cadastre); ecology; behavior; conservation; morphology; evolution; palaeontology; physiology; biochemistry; keeping and breeding in captivity. Larger papers with colour illustrations are preferred.


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