After Poland
Towards a New Internationalism

By Enrico Berlinguer
Edited By Antonio Bronda & Stephen Bodington

December 1982
ISBN: 0-85124-344-4
114 pages, 5" x 7 "
$27.50 hardcover

The Italian Communist Party (PCI) has for many years been disenchanted with the experience of East European socialism, and its automatic suppression of moves towards democracy. Solidarity's birth in Poland, which was followed in less than 8 months by a military coup, marks an evident watershed. It was for this reason that the Italian Communists decided to draw two lines at the foot of the page of socialism's experience at the hands of the 1917 Revolution. In their own words, Enrico Berlinguer, party leader, presents the terms of the debate about socialism and democracy, and outline the PCI's quest for a New Internationalism.


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