Altruism, Society, Health Care

Edited By Anders Nordgren et al.
Nov. 1998
Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN: 91-554-4151-3
90 p.
$36.50 Paper Original

This volume is a collection of lectures on altruism in health care from a 1996 symposium. The lectures attempt to answer several key questions arising from conceptual, methodological and empirical problems of altruism in health care.
Is health care just a matter of market forces? Is the concept of altruism meaningful in health economics? Is altruism desirable? To what extent should health care depend on altruistic donation of blood and organs? What does the term "altruism" mean? Does genuine altruism really exist or is what appears to be altruistic behavior actually motivated by self-interest? If altruism exists, how should it be explained? These are all old questions of great relevance to our society and to health care. The present book offers a discussion of the issues involved by leading international scholars in the light of new research.

Medical Sciences
Series: Studies in Bioethics and Research Ethics

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