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By M.W.K. Goh & H.T.W. Tan
December 2000
Wetlands International
ISBN: 9971-69-237-6
32 pages, illustrated; 8.25" x 10.5"
$22.50 paper original

The main aim of this series is to catalogue, describe and illustrate in detail all the extant and extinct species of angiosperms (flowering plants) which have been recorded to occur in Singapore. This totals about 2400 species in 173 families. The series consists of individual booklets for each family, and an introduction containing information on the palaeogeography, human impact, climate, geology and soils, biogeography, vegetation and conclusions. The individual family treatments are written in the traditional style of a Flora, i.e. with the sections on the nomenclature, morphological description, distribution, ecology, uses, other notes and references for each taxon. Scientific line drawings are also included.

The Angiosperm Flora of Singapore