Anti-Liberalism 2000
The Rise of New Millennium Collectivism

By David Henderson
Foreword by Sir Geoffrey Owen
December 2001
Institute of Economic Affairs
ISBN: 0-255-36497-0
56 pages
$19.50 paper original

In the last twenty-five years, many countries have embarked on programs of economic liberalization. But, David Henderson argues, it is a mistake to believe that economic liberalism has triumphed: anti-liberal forces are strong and in some respects have gained ground. Henderson analyses these forces, new and old.

Geoffrey Harcourt, in a commentary, agrees with some of Henderson's views, but disagrees particularly on the need for minimum standards in labor markets. He contends also that Henderson is too hard on NGOs and too impressed with the long-term competitive equilibrium model. David Henderson responds to the comments and sets out further issues that need to be explored.

Occasional Paper No. 115

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