Asian Economic Recovery
Policy Options for Growth and Stability

Edited by Tan Kong Yam
May 2002
Institute of Policy Studies / Singapore University Press
ISBN: 9971-69-257-0
300 pages, illustrated
$57.50 paper original

Representing a collection of papers presented at the Conference on "Asia in Economic Recovery: Policy Options for Growth and Stability" organized by the Institute of Policy Studies in June 1999, this book discusses the issues and policy options for Asia's economic recovery. Topics covered include: scenarios for East Asia's recovery: how different will East Asia be post crisis? Future exchange rate regimes for developing East Asia: exploring the policy options. Corporate governance in East Asia: implications for economic efficiency. The role of the IMF in East Asia's recovery: lessons for the future. Regional policy options: an agenda for action. G-3 exchange rates and the international monetary system: implications for East Asia.


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