Aspects of Palynology & Palaeoecology

Festschrift in Honour of Elissaveta Bozilova

Edited By Spassimir Tonkov
October 2003
Pensoft Publishers
ISBN: 954-642-179-0
281 pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4" x 9 1/2"
$120.00 Hardcover

Dr. Sc. Elissaveta Bozilova is one of the outstanding Bulgarian botanists who has been working successfully since the early 1960's in the field of palynology and palaeoecology. She has published more than 140 scientific papers in national and international journals, symposia proceedings and books, related to Quaternary flora and vegetation history, marinopalynology, acropalynology, melissopalynology, pollen morphology, pollen monitoring, pollination ecology and archaeobotany. Her most important professional merit is the organization, administration and establishment of the Laboratory of Palynology at the Department of Botany, Sofia University "St. Kilment Ohridski", as the leading scientific and educational center in basic and applied palynology in Bulgaria. This jubilee volume comprises papers dealing with various aspects of palynology and inferences drawn from pollen-based research. In particular, new detailed palaeoecological information is provided for selected areas in Europe related to the postglacial vegetation development, climate change, environmental history and human impact. The book will be of use to scientists working in palynology, palaeoecology, palaeogeography, geology, climatology, archaeology and forestry.


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