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Biodiversity Conservation in Asean
Emerging Issues & Regional Needs

Edited by Ghazally Ismail & Murtedza Mohamed
December 1998
ASEAN Academic Press
ISBN: 1-901919-12-9
278 pages, Illustrated, 5 7/8" x 8 7/8"
$97.50 Hardcover

Asean countries today remain the last few parts of the world that are still endowed with vast expanse of luxuriant and biologically diverse tropical ecosystems. However, unprecedented destruction of tropical rainforests, coral reefs and mangroves in the past decades have driven hundreds of living species to extinction. Though Asean countries are aware of the environmental predicament they are in and the ramifications they are about to face in the 21st Century, they must also come to grips with the reality that their environmental agenda, more so than in other parts of the world today, is determined by economics. As developing nations, they constantly find themselves trying to maintain a balance between environment and economics and are constantly pressured to show their growth in the form of bottom lines. In this book, renowned scientists and policymakers in Asean countries argue that each country has taken mindful approaches to addressing their specific and unique environmental and biodiversity conservation measures and pollution abatement practices at both national and regional levels. Environmental consciousness and remedial measures to effectively stall and reverse the tide of environmental destruction in the region are likely to continue and produce desirable impacts on its economy and quality of life. These approaches are an essential part of Asean's collective efforts towards sustainable growth and development.