Britain in Crisis
De-industrialization & how to fight it

By John Hughes
Foreword by Michael Foot
December 1981
Spokesman Books
ISBN: 0-85124-317-7
106 pages[cover]
$27.50 hardcover

Through the 1970s the crisis of industrial development in the UK deepened. There was a cumulative weakening of many sectors of manufacturing; an unprecedented "de-industrialization." By the later 1970s this led into widening conflict over public finance and the social services.

Since 1979 Conservative government policies helped to superimpose on this a deep cyclical depression. This book analyzes this disastrous decline and offers the elements of a democratic alternative.

About the author:
John Hughes is Principal of Ruskin College, Oxford. He established the Trade Union Research Unit in 1970 and has worked with it since then. He was a member of the Industrial Development Advisory Board from 1973 to 1980 and Deputy Chairman of the Price Commission, 1977-79.

Politics; Economics; History

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