Buddhism Among Tamils
in Pre-Colonial Tamilakam & Ilam

Edited by Peter Schalk, et al.
July 2002
Uppsala University

Part 1. Prologue. The Pre-Pallava & the Pallava Period
ISBN: 9155453570
504 pages, Illus., 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
$68.50 paper original

Part 2.The Period of the Imperial Colar
ISBN: 9155453589
427 Pages, Illus., 6 1/2 x 9 1/2"
$68.50 paper original

Part 1, A partial listing of the contents: Buddhism & Jainism as Minor Religions Among Tamils. The Fundamentals. Written Sources Pertaining to the Study. Research on Buddhism Among Tamils. Buddhist Icons. History of Buddhism & Jainism Among Tamils. Cultural Exchanges. In Search of Buddhism in Pre-Pallava Tamilakam. Oldest References to Buddhism Among Tamils. Pallava Policy on Buddhism. First Evidence of Buddhism. Polemical Writings Against Buddhism.

Part 2, A partial listing of the contents: Period of the Imperial Colar. Recent Finds of Buddhist Artefacts & Architecture. Buddhism in Nakapattinam. Jain Polemics Against Buddhism. Large Sample of Tamil Inscriptions. Merchant Guilds & Buddist Institutions. Four Schools of Pauttam. Pedestals of Bronze Images. References.

History; Religion
Historia Religionum No. 19, 20

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