Bulgaria Collection
The Unique Bulgarian Nature,
Churches, Monasteries, Wall-Paintings,
Icons, Towns, Architecture

Edited By Bosilkoff Publishers
July 2004
Bosilkoff Publishers
ISBN: 9549099288
64 pages, Illustrated, 9" x 10 "
$72.50 Hardcover

Bulgaria is a country having an ancient past and a rich culture. The present edition reveals just a part, but a very significant one from the cultural historical and natural heritage. Its purpose is to create a visual picture of the country, unknown to many people, but already exciting an interest.

This is the land of the Thracians, the great Bulgarian tsars and that of a spiritually rising up people, surviving over the centuries in spite of the difficulties which fate had in store for them. Today, the past, the specific Bulgarian culture and the living nature, captivate everyone who has contact with them. The true Bulgaria is a fascinating country; the true Bulgaria is magic.


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