Butterflies of the World, Part 22
Nymphalidae X, Charaxes I

By Bernard Turlin
December 2005
Goecke & Evers
ISBN: 3937783156
44 pages, Illustrated, 9 ½” x 13 ½”
$115.00 Paper Original

In Africa, the family Nymphalidae is comprised of some 1300 t0 1400 species. Heppner (1991) listed a total of 1156, but the discoveries made during the last 14 years, together with updated revisions for certain genera have increased this total significantly.

The Charaxes are medium to large sized butterflies with a stout and robust body, especially the thorax which contains powerful muscles, which enable the adults to fly rapidly.

They are widespread throughout the tropical and equatorial areas of Africa, with a maximum of species present in the wet primary and secondary forests which make up the forest belts of Africa.


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