Baltic Democracy at the Crossroads
An Elite Perspective

Edited By Sten Berglund & Kjetil Duvold
December 2003
Hoykoleforlaget AS - Norwegian Academic Press
ISBN: 8276345212
284 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$149.50 Paper Original


Little more than a decade after the fall of communism, the Baltic States and Poland, alongside several other Central European states, have been invited to join the European Union from 2004. The speed of change has been breathtaking, surprising even the most optimistic voices. This volume gives a comprehensive overview of the state of democracy around the eastern Baltic seaboard, highlighting in particular the importance of elites in newly emerging democracies.

This is the first volume to provide in-depth analysis of the rapidly changing political circumstances of the Baltic countries, Poland, and Kaliningrad to a wide audience, covering the transformation from the Soviet-style nomenklatura to competitive elites; changing political behavior; and the links between citizens and elites. In addition, the book covers the interconnections between networks of elites, including local elites. One chapter also analyzes the delicate issue of the detached Russian region of Kaliningrad.


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