Beyond Taijiquan
Supremacy of the Tai-Chi Mind

By Wong Choon Ching
September 2002
Pelanduk Publications
ISBN: 967-978-792-3
265 pages, 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
$28.50 Paper Original

This book gives an in-depth knowledge of the orthodox Taijiquan. Many practitioners of Taijiquan know the movements and the techniques of the martial art thoroughly but lack the understanding of the condition of the mind when practicing the art. This book goes beyond the forms.

The readers who are familiar with the forms will have no difficulty in following the explanations which are told in story form to help understand the concept and the students will achieve certain attainment of the all-important Taiji internal jing power, the effortless way in Taiji tuishou, the unique pugilistic excellence of the art, the clear definitions of many Taiji terms, ect.

The story begins with Alan going out in search of the effortless martial art. He then enters into a dream in which he comes face to face with the legendary Taiji masters of the 19th century. The theme of the story is the schism that splits the school of Taijiquan into two rival camps, namely, the Qi-Zong and Fa-Zong. The former emphasizes the qi-gong approach while the latter favours the training of the techniques. The rivalry culminates in the Wudang Summit where the two factions pit against each other in polemics and martial skill.

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