The Birth, the Life & the Death of Firms
The Role of Entrepreneurship, Creative Destruction & Conservative Institutions
in a Growing & Experimentally Organized Economy

Edited by Gunnar Eliasson
December 2005
The Ratio Institute
Distributed by
ISBN: 9175680645
534 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
$129.50 Hardcover


This study explores the ongoing process of industrial transformation and the perennial emergence of opportunities.

Partial listing of topics:

Competence Blocs in the Experimental Economy
Regional Industrial Transformation in the Global Economy
Death of Quoted Companies --UK & Sweden
Efficiency of the Bankruptcy Process
Venture Capitalist
Firm Turnover and the Rate of Macro Economic Growth
Schumpeterian Creative Destruction
Exit of Pharmacia
Lake Malar Competence Blocs
Regional Industrial Restructuring
List of Contributors

Economic Theory

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