British Economic Opinion
A Survey of a Thousand Economists

By Martin Ricketts & Edward Shoesmith
Apr. 1990
Institute of Economic Affairs
ISBN: 0-255-36233-1
100 p.
$22.50 Paper Original

Economists often do not agree with one another. The differing predictions of macro-economic models compete for the attention of headline writers, the conflicting views of advisors can compromise the political stability of governments, and the heads of academic theorists seem, on occasions, not so far removed from the pages of that popular literary genre - the campus novel.

Economic disputes are interesting very largely because they involve an amlagam of vested interests, ethical judgements and empirical assertions which are usually almost impossible to test. In this absorbing Research Monograph Professor Ricketts and Mr. Shoesmith have used their empirical evidence to disentangle some of these lines, and to look for the sources of disagreement between economists.


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