Bulgaria, 2nd Revised & Expanded Edition

Valentin Denev
Translated From Bulgarian by Maryana Karayaneva
December 2000
Vion Publishing House
ISBN: 954-9501-23-X
317 pages, Illustrated, 9 1/2" x 13
$187.50 Hardcover

The Republic of Bulgaria with its ancient land, wonder-working air and blue skies - a journey into these contains in its core all that we call a journey in the motherland. It is a journey both in the thousand-year old historical memory, which Bulgaria's latitudes carry on their shoulders, and into the original depths of Bulgarian culture, as well as into the sensual knowledge of the Promised Land in each Bulgarian heart and its trepidations in the flux of world events. This book contains hundred of photographs of Bulgaria, as well as its historical artifacts.


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