Butterflies (Hesperioidea
& Papilionoidea) of North
Asia (Asian Part of Russia)
in Nature, Vol. 1

By Pavel Gorbunov & Oleg Kosterin
December 2003
ISBN: 9986-33-038-6
392 pages, Illustrated, 9 " x 12"
$495.00 Hardcover

This is a new book proposed to your kind attention, is a unique publication sui generis. A study with abundant illustrations, devoted to such an enormous and scantily explored region as North Asia, better known as Siberia, never appeared in Russia. In the whole world there are few regions where nature preserved its original features; that is why Siberia with its numerous corners of such kind can be called the golden reserves of the Earth.

The authors are directly acquainted with the unique nature of this region: they participated in many expeditions to various remote places. This is evidenced by photographs of unique landscapes of Siberia and the Far East - from the polar tundra to the subtropics of Primorye, from the Alpine meadows to the steppes and deserts. In this respect the book will draw the attention of all those interested in the nature of this region. But the authors are not ordinary amateur-travelers. They sacrificed all their time to study one of the most beautiful components of any landscape - the butterflies.

This atlas includes almost all species of butterflies living in this region. The high quality photographs and descriptions of special features of butterflies permit us to recognize them in their natural milieu. The book is published in English, but thanks to its clear structure and numerous illustrations it can be used by any entomologist. The species essays contain all the available information on biology and living areas of each species.


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