Byzantine History, Vol. II 610-867
2nd Edition

By A. Christophilopoulou
Translated By Timothy Cullen
Sept. 1993
A.M. Hakkert
ISBN: 9025610447
546 p.
$137.50 Cloth

The period of the Heraclian dynasty and the 'years of chaos' that preceeded tge accession of Leo III is marked by a paucity of historical and narrative sources written in Greek. The basic source is still Theophane's Chronographia, which, with the Chronicron Paschale, has been discussed in Volume I.

The Chronicon Paschale has some valuable contemporary material concerning Herculius' reign, such as the thrilling description of the seige of Constantinople in 626 and the imperial letters informing the people of the military victory. Theophanes, whose historical value has been still is generally underrated by medievalists, is proving more and more to have been an accurate chronicler and to have possessed reliable information.


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