Can a Consequentialist Be
a Real Friend? (Who Cares?)

By Jan Lif
December 2003
Goteborg University,Department of Philosophy
ISBN: 91-7346-468-6
167 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$59.50 Paper Original

Can a consequentialist be a real friend? That is the central question of this essay. It will be discussed in light of a recent debate on the subject within Anglo-American moral philosophy. Bu this is a story with a twist. The author has come to suspect that this debate upon a model of moral philosophy that cannot properly conceive many important issues regarding consequentialism and friendship, and also considers the debate in the light of a critique of certain aspects of Anglo-American moral philosophy, which stems from contemporary feminist ethics.

Contents include: Introduction: Actions and Perspective, Components of the Perspective, Why Friendship? Why Not?, Consequentialism: Jeremy Bentham and "The Principles of Morals and Legislation," John Stuart Mill and "Utilitarianism," Henry Sidgwick and "The Methods of Ethics," G.E. Moore and "Principia Ethica," Why be a Consequentialst?; Consequentialism as a Personal Morality and Friendship: Introduction: Conceptions and Structure, The Nave Approach, The Simple Strategic Approach, The Advanced Strategic Approach, The Esoteric Strategic Approach, Conclusion; Feminist Critique and the Debate Revisited: Introduction: Dissatisfactions and Suspicions, A Framework of Moral Philosophy, Feminist Critique, The Personal Domain and Friendship, The Debate Revisited, What Now?

Acta Philosophica Gothoburgensia, No. 15

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