[In Swedish & English]
The Swedish Participation
in the UNESCO Excavations

By Carl-Gustaf Styrenius
December 2003
Paul Astroms Forlag
ISBN: 91-7081-123-7
68 pages, Illustrated, 7" x 8 "
$46.50 Hardcover

For nearly a century and a half, Carthage in Tunisia was a dangerous enemy to the Romans and later on, for a couple of centuries, one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. Contents include: Location, The Phoenicians, The History of Carthage, Important Ancient Remains in Carthage, Punic Remains, Roman Remains, Art in Carthage, Archaeological Excavations in Carthage, Previous Excavations, The UNESCO "Save Carthage" campaign 1972-1992, The Swedish UNESCO Excavations, The Roman Bath, The Western Bath, Cisterns, Clean-water Channels and Sewers, Corridors and Courtyards, Construction Technique and Building Material, Early Roman Remains Under the Bath, Punic Remains Under the Bath, The Dating of the Bath, La Crypte Suedoise.


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