Ceramic Icon in Medieval Bulgaria

By Totyu Totev
Translated from the Bulgarian by A. P. Stefanov
July 1999
ISBN: 9546420735
255 pages, illustrated
$98.50 hardcover

The ceramic icon painting is one of the scarcely studied themes in the art of medieval Bulgaria. All that is known in this field has been based on fragmented and few in number painted and embossed white clay icons and medallions. Using the entire icon material available up to now and investigating it with modern scientific methods is the main merit of this book, which aims to fully describe and analyze the medieval Bulgarian ceramic icon from its appearance and flourishing in the late 9th century. The work is based mainly on materials obtained archaeologically (mostly excavations) by the author during the last 25 years. Richly illustrated, this book is an indispensable source of information to anyone interested in the medieval art of the Balkans.

Archaeology; Art History

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