Changing Schools / Changing Practices
Perspectives on Educational
Reform & Teacher Professionalism

Edited by Manfred Lang, John Olson, et al.
December 1999
Garant / DSDE-Consortium
ISBN: 90-5350-892-9
237 pages, illustrated
$46.50 paper original

In educational policies worldwide there are conflicting conceptions of the purposes of education and the teacher's role. School reform agendas embody different and contested images of professional ideals, ideologies and practices.

Teachers usually are outsiders in the policy process; a key issue is the extent to which teachers may participate and enhance their professionalism more actively as subjects and agents simultaneously in this process.

Each of the 19 chapters in this book tells its own story of the ways in which teachers and schools find room to maneuver within changing circumstances in order to ensure improvement. These innovative research studies open doors to further understandings of the complexities of teachers and teaching processes and the conditions through which teachers and students may continue to learn and achieve.


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