Checklist of Lepidoptera of
the Czech & Slovak Republics
(Insecta Lepidoptera)

Edited By Zdenek Lastuvka
May 1998
ISBN: 80-85615-71-1
117 pages, Illustrated, 6 3/4 x 9 "
$53.00 Hardcover

The insect order Lepidoptera is the last insect group of which no systematic species review has been compiled from the territory of the former Czechoslovakia with its historical provinces of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. The species list of other orders has been published in four or five volumes. This reflects in the absence of general means important for the purposes of nomenclature, taxonomy, faunistics, nature protection and applied entomology in Lepidoptera. The present checklist is based on the recently published species lists of Bohemia, Moravia and the Czech part of Silesia and Slovakia.


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