Coleoptera of "Evolution Canyon"
Lower Nahal Oren, Mount Carmel, Israel

By M. Finkel, et al.
June 2004
Pensoft Publishers
ISBN: 9546421812
200 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$115.00 Hardcover

This monograph is a part of the "EVOLUTION CANYON" model research program, which is a microcosmic study of life's evolution from bacteria to mammals. The program investigates the evolution of biodiversity, adaptation and speciation across life at several "Evolution canyons" in Israel, characterized by sharply ecologically divided interslopes.

Out of the 629 species (including 352 genera and 56 families) reported here (314 species) and in the first volume (315 species), one species has been new to science, 10 species have been new to Israel and 30 species have been new to Mt. Carmel. The book significantly contributes to evolutionary theory, and to the fauna of Israel and the Middle East.

The book contains distributional and ecological data and species' distribution maps of the beetle families Dytiscidae, Leiodidae, Silphidae, Scydmaenidae, Staphylinidae, Histeridae, Ochodaeidae, Dryopidae, Heteroceridae, Lampyridae, Drylidae, Cantharidae, Elateridae, Throscidae, Dermestidae, Thorictidae, Lyctidae, Bostrichidae, Anobiidae, Ptinidae, Thanerocleridae, Cleridae, Melyridae, Malachiidae, Brachypteridae, Nitidulidae, Cucujidae, Cryptophagidae, Biphyllidae, Erotylidae, Phalacridae, Byturidae, Coccinelidae, Lathriidae, Mycetophagidae, Cisidae, Oedemeridae, Mycteridae, Aderidae, Scraptiidae, Mordellidae, Anaspidae, Rhizophagidae, Rhipiphoridae, Anthicidae, Bruchidae.

Part III. Faunistica No. 35

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