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Collaborative Strategies & Multi-organizational Partnerships

Edited by Tharsi Taillieu
December 2001
ISBN: 90-441-1163-9[book cover]
318 pages, illustrated
$54.00 paperback

This book contains a collection of papers which were presented at the Seventh International Conference on Multi-Organizational Partnerships and Cooperative Strategy. The aim is to advance the understanding of the nature of such partnerships and strategies by providing an international platform for the exchange of novel ideas, experiences and practices. The conference covered in this book focused most of its attention on experiences and methodologies regarding multi-paradigmatic approaches.

Contents include:
Business networks, partnerships and alliances. Joined up government, urban policy and regional networks. Urban development, education, health care and the authorities. Conceptualization of dynamics and interventions. Collaboration: measurements and empirical research contributions. Intercultural collaboration and cross-cultural effects.

Business; Sociology