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Compatibility of International
and National Environmental Law

By Jonas Ebbesson
June 1996
Iustus Förlag
ISBN: 91-7678-320-0
328 pages
$135.00 hardcover

Environmental Law cannot be treated as only international or national; it is both. While environmental concerns have become more and more international in scope during the 20th century, the implementation of international environmental agreements basically remains a matter for national means. The present thesis deals with the linkage and compatibility of international and national environmental law. It analyzes how and to what extent international environmental law, primarily through various types of treaty obligations, limits the discretion of states in their national implementation. The theory outlined forms the basis for an examination of a large number of international instruments with regard to their adequacy for guiding states towards common environmental objectives. While being confined to pollution control, the ideas and concepts presented are also applicable to other issues of environmental law.