Convention on the Rights
of the Child, 3rd Edition

Background, motivation, strategies, main themes

Eugeen Verhellen
December 2000
ISBN: 90-441-1081-0
193 pages
$44.00 paper original

The adoption and entry into force of the Convention on the Rights of the Child is an important milestone in history. The Convention is the result of many years of arduous effort to improve children's situation in society. It is also the starting point for developing a new attitude to children.

Obviously, making children's rights a part of positive law is not the end of the matter. There is in fact a clear connection between legal and social norms. Educational science, teaching us how to deal with children, is all about human and children's rights.

Therefore the relationship between education and the human rights project, particularly the children's rights project, is central to this book. The author presents a clear view of children's rights and their background. This book is therefore eminently suited for educational purposes and for those who want to look beyond "the rules."

Social Welfare; Education

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