Creation & Re-Creation
in Jewish Thought
Festschrift in Honor of Joseph Dan
[In English & Hebrew]

Edited by Rachel Elior & Peter Schafer
September 2005
J.C.B. Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161487141
700 pages
$375.00 Hardcover

Joseph Dan, the Gershom Scholem Professor of Kabbalah Emeritus at the Hebrew University and long-time Professor of Jewish Studies at the Freie Universitat Berlin, is one of the most influential figures in the fields of Jewish mystical thought, homiletical and ethical literature, modern Messianiasm and Hasidism, and contemporary belles-lettres.

His studies of the diverse aspects of Jewish creativity, with close attention to the dialectics of religious-cultural continuity versus historical innovation, provide a comprehensive overview of the complex history of Jewish thought and its multiple creative faces.

It is precisely for this reason, to honor Joseph Dan's multifaceted research that his many colleagues, students, and friends, scattered among universities around the world, have decided to focus their contributions in this Festschrift on the continuing process of creation and re-creation in Jewish thought throughout the centuries.

Partial Contents:
The Talmudic Concept of Conjuring
On Demons
From Cosmology to Theology
Creative Force of a Hermeneutic Rule
Selective Affinities--Reflections on Jewish & Christian Mystical Exegesis
Unknown Commentary of the Book of Creation
The First Two Positive Commandments
Hasidut Ashkenaz on the Angel of Dreams
The Midrash & the Changing Face of God
The Medieval Saint
Circle, Point & Line
"The East" and the Story of the Lost Tribes
Covenant of Faith or Fate?
Writings of Rabbi Chaim David Halevi
American Jewish Modern Orthodox Historiography
Remarks on Gershom Scholem's Autobiography
Ahavat Yisrael--Nationhood, the Pariah & the Intellectual.
[15 additional chapters in Hebrew]

Judaism; Theology

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