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Culex Pipiens Pipiens Mosquitoes
Taxonomy, distribution, ecology, physiology, genetics,
applied importance and control

By Elena B. Vinogradova
August 2000
ISBN: 9546421030
250 pages, illustrated

$98.50 hardcover


This monograph is a real life-work of a well-known specialist on Culex mosquitoes, Dr. Elena Vinogradova, of the Zoological Institute in St. Petersburg. The book represents a major summary of the various aspects of Culex pipiens pipiens taxonomy, ecology, biology, distribution, physiology, etc., a group which influences adversely many kinds of human activities in the northern and temperate zones and is also of fundamental practical importance in general and veterinary medicine. The author pursues several well-defined objectives: first, to summarize and review thousands of papers on the subject scattered in numerous journals (Western, Oriental and Russian), and to provide the reader with a fair orientation in particular questions; second, to make foreign colleagues familiar with the enormous work done in the former Soviet Union and the present Commonwealth of Independent States on the study and control of mosquitoes, which remains still poorly known due to language barriers; third, to generally portray C. p. pipiens based on the knowledge acquired by numerous natural and laboratory observations in bionomy, ecology, physiology and control. The book can be of use to any specialist in mosquitoes and in human and veterinary medicine, as well as to control and quarantine officers.

Entomology; Parisitology
Pensoft Series Parasitologica, No. 2