Capricious Earth
Models & Modelling of Geologic Process & Objects

Edited By V.A. Glebovitsky & V.N. Dech
June 2000
Theophrastus Publications
ISBN: 5-88143-116-2
206 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$235.00 Paper Original

Contents include: Part I, Shaping the Unknown: Fluid regime and oxygen isotope composition of granitoids of Svecofennian tectono-metamorphic cycle (the North Ladoga region, north-western Russia), Geologic model of serpentinization: implications for platinum group elements re-distribution in ultramafites, Garnet-orthopyroxene and garnet-clinopyroxene thermobarometers for the mantle xenoliths, Tectonic model of Paleoproterozoic intracratonic rift system, eastern Fennoscandian Sheild: remote sensing implications for gold and platinum group elements prospecting, Density modeling of Bushveld layered mafic-ultramafic intrusion, Modelling of initial stages of microclinisation and porphyroblastesis in quartz-plagioclase leucosomes under ultrametamorphism, Stable chemical composition classes of ultrabasic and basic rocks of the North-Eastern part of Russia. Part II, Symbolic Languages of the Unknown: Correlation of tephra deposits on the basis of chemical similarity: an idealized conceptual model subject to multiple sources of uncertainty, Fluid-dynamic models of pyroclastic dispersion process from explosive eruptions, Discrete particle modeling of volcanogenic high-concentration mass flows, Evolutional model of metasomatism in metamorphic cycle, Interlayering in mafic-ultramafic plutons modeled by Markov chains, Fractal and stochastic properties of rhythmic layering in mafic intrusions in the frame of spatial layering melt model, Axiomatics of U-PB dating robust estimation of zircon age, Essential basic concepts and models in mining geostatistics and their geological context, Mechanical action of intrusion of magma on the country rocks, A Gibbs free energy minimization modeling code for computation of fluid-rock equilibria in geochemical systems: "Fluid" PC-software package, A stochastic model for solvent transfer of matter through a porous medium.

Theophrastus Contributions to Advanced Studies in Geology, Vol. III

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