Carthage: Results of the Swedish
Excavations 1979-1983
Volume 1. A Roman Bath

By: Catherine Gerner Hansen
August 2002
Paul Astroms Forlag
ISBN: 91-7042-158-7
130 pages, plus appended plates in slip-pocket
Illustrated, 8 x 11 "
$93.00 paper original

Here is an architectural description and evaluation of a building excavated by the Swedish Mission to Carthage, including color & black & white photographs.

Contents include: Sites A & B at the Punic Remains. The First Roman Complex-Walls, Floors, Observations Made in a Trench. Second Roman Complex-Construction Technique & Building Materials Used. Tiles, Limestone. Mortars. Sewer. Paving. Facades. Entrances. Rooms in Complex II-Pools. Double Pools. Courtyards. Hydraulic Installation-Cisterns, Channels, Downpipes. Reconstruction. Reflections on Dating. Status of the Bath. Large Sized Plates Appended in Slip-Pocket: Plan of the Entire Excavation as well as different sections.


Acta Instituti Romani Regni Sueciae No. 4, LIV: I

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