Catalogue of the Carabidae
of the Iberian Peninsula
[In Spanish & English]

By Jose Serrano
December 2003
Sociedad Entomologica Aragonesa
ISBN: 84-932807-2-0
130 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$69.50 Paper Original

The starting point of this catalogue is the former one published by Zaballos and Jeanne (1994). The systematics of higher taxa (subfamilies to tribes) is essentially that used by Lorenz (1998). This author follows conventional criteria such as those currently found in the books on the carabid fauna of Great Britain, France, Central Europe or Italy. Contents include: Forward, Acknowledgements, Notes to the Chapters of this Work, The Catalogue, Proposal of Nomenclatural Change, New Taxa Included in the Catalogue, A Synthesis of the Semantics and the Number of Taxa, The Maps, The References, Taxonomical Index.

Monografias S.E.A. Vol. 9

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