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Catalogue of the Jumping Spiders of Northern Asia
(Arachnida, Araneae, Salticidae)

By D.V. Logunov and Yu. M. Marusik
December 2000
KMK Scientific Press, Ltd.
ISBN: 5-87317-081-9
299 pages, illustrated
$91.50 hardcover

This is the first complete catalogue of the jumping spiders of northern Asia. It is based on both original data and published data dating from 1861 to October 2000. Northern Asia is defined as the territories of Siberia, the Russian Far East, Mongolia, northern provinces of China, and both Korea and Japan (Hokkaido only). The catalogue lists 216 valid species belonging to 41 genera. The following data are supplied for each species: a range characteristic, all available records from northern Asia with approximate mapped coordinates, all misidentifications and doubtful records (not mapped), habitat preferences, references to available biological data, taxonomic notes on species where necessary, references to lists of regional fauna and to catalogues of general importance.