Cerium-Ferrierite Catalyst Systems
for Reduction of NOx in Lean Burn
Engine Exhaust Gas

By Germaine Seijger
December 2002
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2319-2
235 pages, Illustrated, 6 x 9 "
$74.00 paper original

Contents of this Doctoral Dissertation include: NOx emission reduction from lean burn engines, automotive exhaust gas emissions, Reactions of NOx in the atmosphere, Engine market share and sales trends, Ferrierite characteristics, synthesis and application, Characteristics of the group of FER framework structures, Screening of silver and cerium exchanged zeolite catalysts for the lean burn reduction of NOx with propene, Hydrocarbon NOx reduction in lean burn exhaust gas over Ce-FER catalysts, Approach to the kinetics of NOx reduction with propene over Ce-H-Ferrierite, In SITU preparation of ferrierite coatings on cordierite honeycomb supports, Concluding remarks.

Automotive Engineering

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