Children & Youth at Risk
& Urban Education
Research, Policy & Practice

Edited by Christopher Day, Dolf van Veen et al.
December 1997
ISBN: 90-5350-590-3
286 pages, illustrated
$47.50 paper original

This book is about youngsters who have a more than average risk of failing at school, in their social life, or in making a successful transition to work. For a large part those youngsters live in urban areas. The book is divided into two parts.

The first section concentrates on children and youth at risk studies in various European countries. It provides a detailed map of the problems of children and youth at risk, existing research and research traditions, and strategic responses of their governments.

This part offers a state of the art of recent trends in European research into the complex and important theme of children and youth at risk. The second section provides insight into the trends and some of the issues concerning urban education as well as educational and youth policy, with a special focus on service integration and the need for interprofessional collaboration. This part of the book focuses on examples from both Europe and the United States.


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