Coins of the Indian Sultanates
Covering the Area of Present-Day
India, Pakistan & Bangladesh

By Stan Goron & J.P. Goenka
October 2001
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 81-215-1010-4
564 pages, illustrated with 3,017 black & white pictures
$137.50 hardcover

The coinage of the Indian Sultanates is a very important primary source for helping us understand the political and economic history of much of what is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh from the beginning of the thirteenth century AD until the seventeenth century when the last of the sultanates was absorbed into the Mughal empire. The right of sikka, i.e., the right to strike coins, was one of the two jurdically recognised expressions of the right of the ruler to sovereignty, and it was a right that was jealously guarded.

Asian Studies; Numismatics

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